Our Services

I offer a range of services from dog walking to home visits. I will begin with an initial meeting to introduce myself to you and your dog. This will give us an opportunity to talk about your dog’s routines and particular needs. I understand that every dog is different and it is important to consider their age, breed and temperament to provide the right experience for your dog. I will provide you with a Welcome Pack and answer any questions you may have about our services, the collection and storage of your key, and any other queries.

My vehicle is fitted to securely transport dogs and I use 100% compostable poop bags. I have various lunge lines if needed. These can be useful when walking a new dog but once I am confident that a dog has good recall, and with the owner’s permission, I am happy to walk dogs offlead. I have a very handy dog washer to clean any mud off after our walk and I also have wide steps for any dog than cannot or does not want to jump into our vehicle. Treats are provided and after each walk all my equipment, including leads, and vehicle are thoroughly cleaned.

We will walk come rain or shine and your dog will return with clean paws and a wagging tail.

Group Walk

If your four legged friend enjoys the company of other dogs I can provide a group walk for an hour.

Solo Walk

If your dog prefers a quieter walk on their own I can offer a 30 minute or 60 minute walk.


I can drop in to visit your dog at home, whether it is to have a play, a run around the garden, a cuddle or to feed them. This can be tailored to your dog’s needs and is for 20 minutes.

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